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Passion. Ideas. Results.

As a smart communications agency and custodians of reputation, we are very confident that our brave ideas and Knowledge-driven communications will make your brand famous and connect with those who matter. So by holding each other’s hands, we can reach some milestones and achieve our objectives.

Our Services

We offer business driven communications to our new and existing clients to drive business success

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Over the years, our company has provided public relations for several institutions and viable projects. We build a complete communications ecosystem and maps out where you (our client) need to be with conventional media and social media. We create compelling story-lines that will effectively tell your story in the most powerful voice across multi medium.

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Our market research is a mix between qualitative and quantitative efforts. (SWOT Analysis). We will carry out a research time after time to constantly help ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of your brand. Through identification and sponsorship of right programmes and initiatives, we can also effectively engage our target audience.

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A larger percentage of some of our target audience want information on click as you go basis, hence the heavy patronage on the internet. The fact that the internet is readily available on mobile phones has made it easily accessible. Most often before traditional media gets hold of information, it is already online. Selected Online channels will reach a mix of decision influencers and business owners

Featured Portfolio Projects

Some of Our Works.

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ONE Africa Campaign Against Ebola

The Ebola epidemic was a threat to the existence of the entire world especially the West African country with the rate at which people were losing their lives. The disease defied all forms of cure and killed lots of people in a matter of days. MME Africa was engaged to provide communications strategies to educate the people on the best ways to prevent the disease and how to care for those already infected.

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African And Caribbean Business Expo, AACBE (2012 and 2013)

MME Africa was engaged to provide brand communications for the African And Caribbean Business Expo in Nigeria for two consecutive years, 2012 and 2013. The event was designed for businesses seeking to expand and win new contracts in Africa and around the world.

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ONE Africa ‘Do Agric’ Project

The ONE Africa ‘Do Agric’ project was initiated by international advocacy orgnaisation, ‘ONE Campaign’ to encourage African leaders to make good on their promises to improve their investments in agriculture and provide employments for the youths. MME Africa provided media strategy, research and public relations for the campaign.

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Nigeria Music Video Awards (NMVA)

MME Africa provided brand communications and promotional strategy for the Nigeria Music Video Awards (NMVA), the first music video awards in Nigeria. We provided brand communications, visual identity, media relations and the entire promotional strategy for the past seven years.